Costs and prices.

I understand that times are hard for all of us, which is why I have tried very hard to keep costs to a minimum without compromising service.

Dog Walking:
Exercise is important for all dogs. 

Before any walk is booked we will arrange initial meeting with you to learn

 about your dog's habits and walking routines and whether their recall is 

reliable enough to allow off-lead activity or not.  

Chances will NEVER be taken 

with the safety of your dog or other people.

We will always make sure the experience with us will be a happy one for 

both you and your dog!

30 min walk:

- group (max 3 dogs): £6 each

- individual: £9

60 min walk:

- group (max 3 dogs): £10 each

- individual: £15

It is your preference whether you wish for your dog to be exercised one -on -
one or with other canine friends. 
 Most dogs enjoy the company of other dogs
 but as with humans - dogs don't always get on with another individual. This 
will always be taken into account.
 We promise, faithfully, to take the same care with your dog that we do with our own beloved animals and all due care and attention will be taken.

On occasion, I may be in company with another dog-walker on the park. Please say if you prefer your dog not to be in company with other dog-walkers.

With all this in mind, we strongly recommend that you have your dog insured and vaccinated as we will not be liable for any costs incurred from any unforseen circumstances that may arise.

We are at present, searching for an appropriate insurance cover but up to now, can find no way of insuring another person's dog.  We will, however, keep searching.

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